Company Profile


CURATIS PHARMA GMBH, located in Hannover, Germany, continues the tradition in the development of peptide pharmaceuticals, which was established in Bissendorf near Hannover in 1984. Goals of the company include the clinical, pharmaceutical and regulatory development of proprietary and non-proprietary peptide compounds into diagnostic and therapeutic medical drugs with emphasis on new pharmaceutical formulations and innovative clinical indications. Worldwide marketing and sales of the approved pharmaceuticals is done in cooperation with local distribution partners in individual countries according to the motto "think global, act local".

CURATIS PHARMA GMBH has developed two peptide pharmaceuticals and brought them to market in various European and Asian countries: HAEMOPRESSIN®, with the active ingredient terlipressin, is used to arrest acute oesophageal varices haemorrhage in patients suffering from hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. CORTIREL®, with the active ingredient human corticorelin (hCRH), is used for the differential diagnosis of pituitary-adrenal function.

In 2006 the HAEMOPRESSIN® was sold and is now being distributed in various European countries under the trade names HAEMOPRESSIN® and VARIQUEL®. CORTIREL® is distributed in Germany by Proreo Pharma GmbH, located in Ratingen, Germany. CURATIS PHARMA GMBH develops presently the long acting GLP-1 analog N-acetyl-GLP-1 (7-34) amide (Curaglutide), which has been inlincensed from Pharis Biotec GmbH, located in Hannover, Germany.