Klaus D. Döhler, Ph.D.
Professor of Experimental Endocrinology
University of Marburg, Germany (Biology)
California State University, Fresno, USA (B.A. in Psychology)
California State University, Fresno, USA (M.A. in Biology)
University of Göttingen, Germany (Ph.D.)

Research in Endocrinology (1972-1984)
Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany
University School of Medicin, Hannover, Germany
University of California Brain Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

Management and Pharmaceutical Development (since 1984)
Bissendorf Peptide GmbH 1984-1991, (Science Director)
Bissendorf Biosciences GmbH, 1989-1991 (General Manager)
Pharma Bissendorf Peptide GmbH, 1991-1993 (Director)
Haemopep Pharma GmbH, 1993-2001 (General Manager)
Pegasus Pharma Arzneimittelherstellung GmbH, 1995-1996 (Acting General Manager)
Cardiopep Pharma GmbH, 1999-2008 (Co-Founder and CEO)
Curatis Pharma GmbH, since 1999 (Founder and CEO)

Markus Meyer. M.D.

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Universidad de Tucuman, Argentina
University of Illinois Chicago, USA
Medical Doctor at Heidelberg University in 1992


Peptide Research (1992 - 2000)
Institute for Peptide Research, Hannover, Germany

Management and Pharmaceutical Development (since 2000)
Cardiopep Pharma GmbH, (2000-2007), Co-founder and Managing Director
FOCUS IP GmbH, Neuss, (2007-2011), Co-founder and Managing Director
Nuvisan Pharma, (2011-2013), Chief Medical Officer
Cardiorentis AG, (2013-2016), Chief Development/Medical Officer
MM-GmbH, (since 2004), founder and Managing Director, MM-GmbH holds shares in multiple start-up companies

Receipt of multiple awards for science and entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Drug Development at Medical School Hannover, Germany, University of Indonesia, and International Summer University at the Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany.
Adjunct Professorships at Hannover Medical School (Germany) and University of Indonesia

International Affairs: Ursula Han-Hua Döhler
Food & Nutrition Scientist
Education: Food & Nutrition
Fu-Jen University Taipei, Taiwan (B.S.)
California State University, Fresno, USA
Profession: Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany
University School of Medicine, Hannover, Germany
Founder and CEO of Veritas Pharma GmbH, Hannover, Germany and Co-Founder of Curatis Pharma GmbH, Hannover, Germany